Are you looking for the motivation to either get started or get back on track with your weight loss goals? Just because we are into the summer, doesn't mean it's too late! Nothing is more motivating than accountability on a weekly basis and potential prize money for winning it all, right?!

Similar to the concept of the show, "The Biggest Loser", ECF will be holding it's on version of the competition for our clients and friends of the gym that are looking for motivation to shed some weight!

The competition will last from August 1st through November 1st. During that time, there will be weekly weigh-in's with Tim and an email blast with the weekly standings (based on percentage lost, not pounds lost) indicating ...the Top 5 in weight loss each week.

Weigh-in's each week will be at the gym using our scale to ensure that everyone's weigh-in's are consistently measured. Times for weigh-in and other specifics regarding this will be determined leading up to competition and will be shared on this page!

Buy in for the competition will be $10 a person. The winner of the competition, the person with the highest percentage lost, will win the pot (i.e. all money collected from participants)... Enticing... I know.

If you are interested in the joining the competition, you can let us know either through email (, completing a form on our website (, or by inboxing us on Facebook (Jess, Tim, or Freddie will accept messages). You can even let us know in person while you're at the gym (we will have a sign-up at the desk).

We will take participant sign-ups through August 1st. Money and commitment will be due by 7:00pm to be officially registered for the event.

More information will be provided leading up to the competition regarding weigh-in's each week, rules/regulations, etc.