Strength can be determined in more ways than one.  I’ve been working out at Elite Custom Fitness for almost seven months.  Throughout those months, I’ve had my strength increase in a number of different ways.  I’ll start off with the most obvious form of strength, physical power and endurance.  Since I’ve started my training with Tim and Freddy, I’ve been able to lift bulkier weights and have been using bigger and badder bands.  I’ve noticed I’ve begun to withstand heavier equipment much easier, including the walk up the gigantic hill nearby.  All of the training has also improved my self-esteem. Knowing I can drag a heavy sled up such a huge slope has made me realize that with persistence, dedication, and guidance, it is almost unimaginable what a person can accomplish. This goes to show there are more strengths than one.  Diligence and confidence are strengths in their own way.  If you start your training there with drive and determination, you will see yourself improve your entire body — and your spirit.

Mitch Wiggins is a client at Elite Custom Fitness who appreciates the benefits of training in his everyday life.  He is a 19-year-old student at Butler County Community College’s Cranberry Campus whose current ambitions are to transfer to the University of Wisconsin in order to pursue a career in forestry. He is a nature lover and he believes that working out at the gym is a good way to stay fit for hikes.  Mitch says that Tim and Freddie keep his body healthy enough to achieve his goals and he continues to enjoy the progress he makes each day he shows up at Elite Custom Fitness.