“I appreciate you”... This was said to me today after finishing up a training session with a long time client and friend of mine, Michelle Parolini.  It’s amazing how a few short words can have such a profound impact. Hearing those words today felt different than the other times I have heard them, though, because today was a different type of training session with Michelle. This session had a ton of meaning behind it for a variety of different reasons. Michelle came in today for the first time in months due to a huge surgery she had to go through a couple of months ago.  Today was the start of her recovery process and her road to smashing weights again. Michelle could not wait to get back to the gym, and I couldn’t wait for her to return either. Michelle is a great example of the type of clients we attract at ECF; individuals who are fully invested and want to put in the work to become better. Our clients’ drive and determination are truly unmatched by any others.

My goals for Michelle were set to be completed in three months. These were outlined to help her prepare for barbell work:

  1. Sled Push body weight for 4 lengths

  2. Farmer walk body weight for 2 lengths

  3. Belt Squat walk 230 lbs for 3 minutes

  4. Back extension with 50 lb dumbbell for 12 reps

  5. Goblet Squat half of body weight for 25 reps

Obviously today was the first step in a long but fantastic road back to full strength for Michelle, but that’s the amazing (but sometimes stressful) thing about recovery.. it truly is a journey that will help you develop a type of mental and physical strength you may have never experienced before. I honestly cannot wait to see how far she will come in the next few months, and everyone that knows her knows that she will be back and better than ever.  

“I appreciate you”. It stuck with me as soon as she left. That is why I do what I do. I love when my clients can see that I am invested in their journey and their success. I am invested, though, because they are such hardworking and dedicated individuals when it comes to their health, in and out of the gym. So the truth of the matter is, I appreciate you. I appreciate each and every client that walks through our doors and trusts us to train them and lead them on the right path with their health and fitness. I often get emotional and over protective of Elite Custom Fitness because we have created something so sacred to so many people.  I tell people all of the time I am so blessed to have so many fantastic clients from all walks of life that want to put in the work and become better.  It is a true honor to call myself the owner of Elite Custom Fitness because of everyone involved with it.

So, with it being the start of a New Year I just wanted to take the time to turn the spotlight on the true people behind our success; our clients. I appreciate you, your hard work, and your continued support over the years to make this place, Elite Custom Fitness, a place like no other. And for those of you who are not yet part of our gym family, there is always room for us to add more members to the pack. If you are looking for a different type of space that will provide you with all of the resources possible to succeed, you will find it with us. Elite Custom Fitness is a space that has character, grit, and unbelievable passion, and you’ll feel it the second you walk through the door — I can guarantee it.