1025 Mount Nebo Road Pittsburgh, PA 15237

Elite Custom Fitness  moved to a new location in Ohio Township at the end of July. Our space is bigger and better, and we are excited for all of the new opportunities that will come from this new location! Our new 2,700 square foot training facility has a multitude of space and equipment to help meet your needs. The facility houses state of the art equipment including four squat racks, a competition bench, a belt squat machine, two deadlifting platforms, a variety of specialty bars, and much more! In addition to that, we will have dedicated turf space for sled work, a free weight area with bands, dumbbells up to 120 lbs, and a range of kettle bells and medicine balls as well. We have everything you could possibly need to reach your goals, including three experienced trainers who can guide you along the way. At ECF, we strive to provide a supportive environment that will motivate our clients, not intimidate them.


Competition Bench

If you are a serious bencher, then this piece of equipment will probably have your mouth watering... I know that was our reaction when it finally arrived. This beauty allows for ample spotting, comfortable setup, and adjustable bar height on your un-rack. The best part though? There is also nothing better than one solid piece of equipment that doesn't shift underneath you when you are benching.

Belt Squat

Belt Squat Machine

Do you have issues with your back? Are you recovering from an injury? Maybe you're just looking for a machine that will help you to add some major volume to your training without the pressure on your shoulders and back. Either way, the Belt Squat will become a staple in your workouts once you experience the many benefits it offers. This machine is perfect for every type of lifter, beginner or experienced.

Double Half Rack

Double Half Rack

This rack offers a lot more versatility than most typical racks you will find at the gym. This piece of equipment houses two multipurpose pull up bars, band pegs at the top and bottom to allow for band assisted barbell work, and an overall compact look that doesn't compromise the ability to complete exercises other than squatting.

Words are just words, though. Coming and seeing it all in person will provide you with a true feel of the atmosphere that you'll experience at Elite Custom Fitness. The equipment is important (for sure), but the people and the family feel is indescribable. You can't put a price tag on it.

*All major pieces of equipment featured were purchased from Elitefts.