At Elite Custom Fitness, we offer fitness programs for all age ranges. Our gym is primarily free weights with very few machines, but we have more than enough equipment to offer you a training session that will make you sweat. Fitness Evaluations are available, including on-site body fat measurement, with all package purchases. Whether you’d prefer the feel of training individually or maybe you’d like the option to hop in with a group, there’s a little bit of everything at Elite Custom Fitness. Our priority is ensuring that our clients are provided a training environment that suits their needs. Check out all the options we have at our facility and pick what works for you.


Weekly Group Strength Training


Our group strength training classes occur each week, with each hour-long class focusing on a variety of muscle groups. If attending every class each week, group members will experience training that targets all core muscles groups, max effort training and valuable assisted work to target weaknesses and build strength. During the classes, the group will work with one of our experienced trainers who will provide feedback and instruction on proper form and technique.

Class sizes range from approximately 4-8 individuals.

Weekly Class Schedule:

Monday and Wednesday at 6:00 pm

Saturday and Sunday at 10:00 am

Drop-in Opportunities and Monthly Memberships are available!

One-on-One Personal Training


During each of your one-on-one training sessions, you will train alongside one of our experienced trainers for approximately an hour. Within that time you will focus on proper technique, enhancing your areas of strength, and targeting your weaknesses in order to get stronger.

  • Individual Sessions

  • 5 Session Packages

  • 10 Session Packages

All packages purchased will include individualized training program and nutrition consultation for those interested in taking advantage of those resources.

NOTE: All first time clients will receive a complimentary consultation with a trainer before beginning a new training program.

Additional Areas of Expertise

  • Powerlifting (Competitive and Non-Competitive)

  • Youth Sports Performance Training (In-Season and Off-Season Preparation)
  • Strength-Based Golf Performance Training
Monthly Open Gym Memberships


Our facility provides individuals a well-equipped, open space to train independently without feeling overwhelmed by the crowds you usually experience at big commercial gyms. We have everything you didn’t know you needed in a workout as well as the key pieces of equipment you’ve come to love. The best part? It will feel like you’re training at a home-gym, but with experienced professionals and next-level equipment you can’t get at home.

We have a limited number of monthly memberships available. Please call to reserve a membership at our facility.